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Easy EMC compliance by using line inductors for Recom DC/DC converters

View: 70102/27/2019  

Easy EMC compliance by using line inductors for Recom DC/DC converters

Complementary to its DC/DC converter portfolio, Recom now offers its RLS line inductor series, which has beenSource: RecomSource: Recompre-tested to meet both conducted and radiated interference limits.

It is often necessary to add additional filter components to a DC/DC converter module to meet Class A or Class B electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) limits. To build such an EMC filter, inductors from a range of different manufacturers can be selected. Although these different inductors have similar technical specifications, they can show a significant deviation when handling electromagnetic interference (EMI) frequency.

As it is also essential that the filter circuit matches the DC/DC converter characteristics over the full frequency range, Recom's RLS series of inductors have been pretested and matched with Recom converters. Many other manufacturers only test for conducted noise because it can be measured without needing an expensive EMC chamber, but when test house approval is required, designs can fail EMC due to radiated noise. Recom’s solution improves prospects for passing both conducted and radiated EMC tests. Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from Recom.

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