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The 93rd China electronics fair opened a new chapter by focusing on the components industry

View: 106505/27/2019  

As the oldest and most authoritative electronic industry exhibition in China, CEF is the vane of the electronic industry.

China electronics fair promotes independent innovation in China's electronics industry with leading basic electronics technology, and grows together with China's electronics industry.

The exhibition will bring 100,000 high-end buyers, decision makers, engineers and technicians from power electronics, industrial control and automation, communication products/broadcasting, computers and peripherals, lighting and display, automotive electronics/automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace and other industries.

The 93rd electronic exhibition is based on a variety of key electronic devices, from components to systems, from applications to services, covering the entire electronic information industry chain.

Show the AD hoc discrete device, connector, resistance capacity components, special components, intelligent snatched and new energy vehicles, lithium electricity energy, electronic instruments and equipment, wisdom and intelligent hardware city, artificial intelligence, robot and intelligent systems, intelligent manufacturing and 3 d printing, high-end chip exhibit areas, such as the Internet of things, a comprehensive display of electronic field the most advanced products and technologies.

The instrument industry develops rapidly

With the continuous improvement of industrial technology level, the rapid development of information industry and the continuous improvement of consumption capacity, instrumentation has formed a huge market size.

As a basic and strategic industry of national economy, instrumentation industry has been the key industry invested in capital, technology and talents.

In the 21st century, the instrument industry is playing an increasingly significant role in promoting China's industrial transformation and upgrading, developing strategic emerging industries, promoting the construction of modern national defense, and ensuring and improving people's living standards.

The 93th session of China's electronics show, China electronics technology group co., LTD cetc, anhui egrets electronic technology co., LTD., Beijing dahua electronic instruments co., LTD., nanjing ShengPu instrument technology co., LTD., chengdu forward electronic instrument co., LTD., the number of shijiazhuang instrument co., LTD. And other industry leading companies will showcase the latest instrumentation products.

Discrete devices have a broad space for development

Semiconductor discrete devices and integrated circuits are important electronic components, are widely used in consumer electronics, communication, intelligent instrument, automobile electronics, industrial automation and other products, is the foundation of the electronic information industry, is a measure of a country or a region technical level, one of the important signs of represents the mainstream of the world's most advanced technology development.

Benefit from the computer, communications, consumer electronics and other downstream market demand pull, in the Internet of things in our country, rail transportation, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy vehicles industry represented by the downstream application market, driven by the development of strategic emerging in our country at present has become the world's largest semiconductor discrete devices application market, and maintain a sustained, rapid and stable development.

With the growth of the new energy market, the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, the rapid upgrading of consumer electronics and other industry demand growth, the pace of intelligent accelerating, continue to promote the development of the discrete device market.

Shenzhen tuofeng semiconductor technology co., LTD., guangzhou feihong semiconductor co., LTD., guangdong kexin industrial co., LTD., yangxin jinxin electronics co., LTD., dongguan tongke electronics co., LTD., and other enterprises will gather at the 93rd China electronics exhibition to display the semiconductor industry chain products.

Passive component industry boom is high

Common passive components include capacitors, resistors, inductors, transformers, etc.

Among them, capacitance, resistance and inductance are the three core passive components, accounting for more than 90%.

Capacitors have the highest output value among the three passive components, and ceramic capacitors are the most important type of capacitors in terms of market share.

On a global scale, the bulk of resistance manufacturers are located in Taiwan and Japan.

Among them, the United States and Japan enterprise technology has a greater advantage, the main development of thin film road.

Unlike capacitors and resistors, the market for inductors is very fragmented.

In the long term, the inductance market has a good prospect, and the total market value of the inductance market is expected to reach $3.75 billion in 2019.

From a regional perspective, the largest demand in the global inductance market is the asia-pacific region, which will account for 70% of the global market demand in 2019.

Strong demand in the asia-pacific region will benefit local companies, especially Chinese ones.

Sichuan forever star electronics co., LTD., bengbu double loop electronic science and technology group co., LTD., creative electronics co., LTD., shenzhen Jin Haite electronics co., LTD., shenzhen keda jia electronics co., LTD. Different niche industry exhibitors from passive components such as show the applications of new products, together with the upstream and downstream enterprises to explore the new trend of development of the passive components industry.

The connector market is expected in the future

The downstream market of connector manufacturing industry is vast. With the continuous development of connector application fields such as automobile industry, computer communication industry and consumer electronics industry, the market capacity of connector industry will continue to be expanded.

For example, electronic signal transmission adaptors are widely used in intelligent mobile communication, audio and video equipment, PC, smart wearable devices and various electronic terminal products. Driven by the strong demand in the terminal consumer market, the connector industry has maintained rapid development.

In particular, the emergence of mobile intelligent terminals has changed people's way of life and entertainment, promoted the improvement of electronic signal transmission adaption products in terms of technology and market, and promoted the rapid development of the connector industry.

Wing is assembled in the exhibition, the connector industry, plover star electronics (lianyungang) Co., Ltd., Guizhou Space Appliance Co., Ltd., shenzhen ShengLing electronics Co., Ltd., cixi hair electronics Co., Ltd., changzhou south electrical components Co., Ltd and shenzhen tong MAO electronic Co., Ltd., will be shining on the stage in this exhibition, to the booming Chinese electronic components industry in an annual industry feast.

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