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How about the manual winding method of magnetic ring inductance coil?

View: 48405/06/2020  

The manual winding of the magnetic ring inductance coil is a very careful manual work. How to perform the winding better and more effectively, which is also a problem that many manufacturers are worth thinking about?

We can follow the inductor manufacturer of Changzhou Southern Electrical Component Factory to find out!

1. What is the manual winding technique of magnetic ring inductance coil?

  With the continuous improvement of integrated inductor production and research and development technology, the price of integrated inductors will be lower and lower, I believe that more customers will choose integrated inductors.

Second, the manual winding method of magnetic ring inductance coil?

  If there are many turns, manufacturers need to prepare a plastic reel, which should be large and thin and able to open. First hang the wire reel on the magnetic ring, and secondly wind the enameled wire on the wire reel, and simply fix it with tape to prevent it from falling out. Next, the wire of the spool is wound on the magnetic ring, and the spool also rotates accordingly. Each time the free part is wound, the adhesive tape is torn and the spool is removed from the spool.

  1. Single layer winding method

  The so-called single layer winding method is to wind the turns of the magnetic ring inductance coil on the outer surface of the insulated pipe in a single layer. The single layer winding method can be divided into tight winding and indirect winding. Indirect winding is generally used for some high frequency In a resonant circuit, the winding method in this way can reduce the capacitance of the high-frequency resonance line diagram, and at the same time stabilize some of its characteristics. The basis of the tight winding method is some coils with a relatively small range of resonant coils.

Toroid choke.jpg

The inductance of the coil is relatively large. The winding method of the coil is a multi-layer winding method. The multi-layer winding method includes two types of honeycomb winding and dense winding. The coils it winds have a relatively large capacitance. The honeycomb winding method is arranged at a certain angle. Its arrangement is not very flat, but compared with the tight winding method, its capacitance is relatively small.

Third, the winding process of the magnetic ring inductance coil?

  The manufacturing process of magnetic ring inductance coil winding is mainly divided into: winding, molding, sand blasting, gluing, coil full inspection, spot welding, etc. If it is found that the product is badly tested, it needs to be scrapped or reworked and repaired, packaged and stored.

  1. The specific manufacturing process and description of the inductor coil wound by the magnetic ring inductor coil are as follows:

  1. Winding of the magnetic ring inductance coil; winding the copper wire to a fixed shape and size according to the regulations.

  2. Dispensing of inductance coil; spray the corresponding paint on the surface of the integrated product according to customer requirements.

  3. Magnetic ring inductance coding; printing product labels on products according to customer requirements.

  4. Magnetic ring inductance bending foot; use automatic equipment to cut off excess material of the formed product, and bend the end foot to flatten the product surface.

  5. Magnetic ring inductance coil test; use equipment test to test product electrical performance according to customer requirements.

  6. Spot welding of integrally formed inductor coils; the coils that are wound to the best are welded to the material feet using current fusion.

  7. Inductance coil forming; place the spot-welded material into the mold and use a hydraulic punching machine to wrap the iron powder and form it.

  8. Coil sandblasting; sandblasting machine uses glass sandblasting to shape the surface of the products.

  9. Coil external inspection; detect whether the appearance meets customer requirements.

  10. Coil taping; put the qualified products into the woven carrier tape according to customer requirements, which is convenient for end customers.

  11. Coil packaging; put the woven carrier tape into the packaging box to meet the transportation requirements and ensure that the product is not damaged.

  According to the above-mentioned procedures and steps of a series of magnetic ring inductance coils listed by Changzhou Nanfang Electrical Component Factory, everyone should be quite surprised. Its winding process is very good!

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