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What are the unique advantages of plug-in I-shaped inductors in applications?

View: 53005/06/2020  

1. What are the advantages of plug-in I-shaped inductors?

  The small fixed inductance coil is usually wound directly on the magnetic core with enameled wire. It is mainly used in filtering, notching, oscillation, delay and other circuits. It has two types of sealed and unsealed packages, both of which are both There are two types of vertical and horizontal structure.

  1. Vertical sealed fixed inductors Vertical sealed fixed inductors use co-directional pins. There are domestically produced LG and LG2 series inductors. The inductance range is 0.1 ~ 2200μH (straight on the casing), and the rated operating current is 0.05 ~ 1.6A, the error range is ± 5% ~ ± 10%. Imported TDK series color coded inductors, the inductance of which is marked on the surface of the inductor with a color point.

  2. Horizontal sealed fixed inductors Horizontal sealed fixed inductors use axial-type pins, domestically produced LG1, LGA, LGX and other series.

  The inductance of LG1 series inductors is 0.1 ~ 22000μH (straight on the casing), the rated working current is 0.05 ~ 1.6A, and the error range is ± 5% ~ ± 10%.

  LGA series inductors adopt ultra-small structure, similar in shape to 1 / 2W color ring resistors, their inductance ranges from 0.22 to 100μH (marked on the housing with color rings), and rated current is 0.09 to 0.4A.

  LGX series color-coded inductors are also in a small package structure, the inductance range is 0.1 ~ 10000μH, the amount of customer current is divided into four specifications of 50mA, 150mA, 300mA and 1.6A.


Second, what is the working principle of the plug-in I-shaped inductor?

  I-shaped inductance is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the main applications: switching power supply noise suppression filter; power line and signal line electrostatic noise filter; converter and ultrasonic equipment and other radiation interference suppressor. Power loss of the core inductor: during the exchange cycle, the energy loss caused by the change of the magnetic energy of the core power inductor magnetic energy is stored in the magnetic core in the form of magnetic energy for the on-time, and the magnetic energy extracted by the magnetic core when it is turned off Difference.

3. Types of plug-in I-shaped inductors?

  There are currently three types of I-shaped inductors: axial plug-in I-shaped inductors, commonly used I-shaped inductors, and patch-type I-shaped inductors

  Common I-shaped inductance (LGB type inductance): It is regarded as the vertical version of the axial inductance. The application is convenient and similar to the axial inductance, but the common I-shaped inductance can have a larger volume of inductance type, and the current can also be obtained Application improvement;

  The axial type inductor (VC type inductor) is mainly used for EMI suppression. The inductor can have a larger volume and can withstand a larger current;

  SMD Power Inductor (CD Inductor): This kind of inductance is also derived from the I-shaped inductance. The installation type is SMD installation. In the SMD inductor type, the inductance has a higher saturation capacity, and the structure is simple. Low-cost inductors in SMD series.

  What unique advantages does the plug-in I-shaped inductor play in the application? Can not be generalized, it is still necessary to analyze and explore according to the specific operation!

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