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Will the plug-in I-core magnetic core be saturated?

View: 68905/06/2020  

1. Will the plug-in I-shaped magnetic core be saturated?

  I-shaped magnetic cores have nickel-zinc and manganese-zinc. Nickel-zinc u value is low, anti-saturation ability is strong, and the number of coils is high. Manganese zinc u value is high, and saturation resistance is weak. The magnetic bar is a 1000u / 2000u medium wave magnetic bar, with flat and round manganese zinc materials; now I-shaped magnetic cores have high u value varieties for patch-shaped I-shaped magnetic cores, Dc / Dc is more common, the material is 95/99 Manganese-zinc material, u value is about 10000; nickel-zinc material has a large resistivity, and the appearance is rough and granular; manganese-zinc material has low resistivity, smooth surface, and gloss, with nickel permeability of 400u as the center line and 400u .

  The I-shaped inductor core has the same effect as some other inductors, but at high currents, the I-shaped inductor will automatically convert the current, so that the current can work smoothly, and the inductor is sometimes overloaded. In this case In general, the current used is usually more than the current of the inductor itself, which will make the I-shaped inductor unable to withstand the pressure, causing the current to be too large. The I-shaped inductor will break. The average engineer should know that the I-shaped inductor current in the circuit The conversion is very important, if you want to use the current smoothly, I-shaped inductance is indispensable.


2. How to filter if the magnetic core of the plug-in I-shaped inductor is saturated?

  1. Capacitor filtering

  When the plug-in I-shaped inductor and a fully charged capacitor are connected in parallel, the capacitor discharge will give the inductor, the inductor generates a magnetic field, the magnetic field will maintain the current, and the current will charge the capacitor in reverse, and the reverse charge will discharge again, and then ... If there is no loss, or if this loss can be supplemented in time, stable oscillation will occur.

3. How to calculate the saturation current of the plug-in I-shaped magnetic core?

  1. About the magnetic saturation of I-shaped inductor:

  Magnetic ring inductors are used in common mode inductors. In most cases, there is no saturation. Since the plug-in power inductor has two of the same size and opposite directions, the two windings cancel each other, so there will be no saturation. If the two If the windings are too different, there will be poor model properties, and saturation will appear at this time. In the single-winding magnetic ring inductor, there will be saturation. The larger the current, the easier it is to saturate. You can choose a lower permeability material to do it, but usually this method is not used, and you can choose to open the air gap. To prevent the magnetic core from saturating, the inductor can be more stable when the air gap is opened, and the change of the inductance with the change of the operating current is small.

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