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Industrial design adds wings for China's "smart" manufacturing

View: 38212/01/2020  

     At present, industrial design is becoming more and more deeply integrated with artificial intelligence and industrial Internet, which will give China's "smart" building a flying wing. From November 25 to 29, 2020 world industrial design conference was held in Yantai, Shandong Province. On the basis of design strength and design value, the international exchange related to design was further promoted, and 10 Gold Award products and works representing the highest level and strongest strength of China's industrial design in recent years were announced. It can be said that the 2020 world industrial design conference conforms to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation trend, designs the future with human intelligence, creates the strength with artificial intelligence, and builds an open and shared industrial ecology with intelligent manufacturing, leads the development direction and new wave of global industrial design, helps to build a new development pattern of domestic and international dual cycle mutual promotion, and pays attention to the global economic recovery New kinetic energy and new vitality will be added.


           "Industrial design is the product of modern industrial civilization, the starting point of innovation chain, the source of value chain and the embodiment of innovation soft power." Pan Yunhe, former executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering.

          The next ten years will be an important window period for the development and upgrading of industrial design

          Industrial design is the product of modern industrial civilization, the starting point of innovation chain, the source of value chain and the embodiment of innovation soft power. Luz dettsode, CEO of the German Design Council, believes that one of the strategic functions of industrial design is to help enterprises obtain world-leading innovation and first-class design products and services. In today's industry 4.0 stage, the industrial value chain has undergone a fundamental change: products with intelligent, big data and artificial intelligence increasingly complex systems, through industrial design can be transformed into systems that are easy to understand and use.

        Pan Yunhe said that the combination of artificial intelligence and practice can make industrial design move to a higher and larger platform, and play a more important role in enhancing global innovation momentum, achieving high-quality development and creating high-quality life. The integration of "wisdom, intelligence and intelligent manufacturing" will give birth to more new technologies, new products, new formats and new industries, make production and life move towards intelligence, the matching of supply and demand tends to be optimized, and professional division of labor will be more accurate, which will lead to major changes in the economic structure. "The next decade will be a critical period for the in-depth development of global artificial intelligence, and an important window period for the development and upgrading of industrial design." Pan Yunhe stressed.


       Industrial design accelerates to expand to equipment, intelligence, digital and other fields

      The novel coronavirus pneumonia crisis provides a chance for everyone to rebuild the world, Li Yong, director general of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. The world industrial design congress can guide and accelerate the application of the technology of the fourth industrial revolution in industrial design, especially at present, because global cooperation is the key to economic recovery.

      In recent years, industrial design has expanded from the original consumption field to equipment, intelligence, digital and other fields. "In product development, the pure design workload accounts for about 20% of the whole product development, and this 20% determines the success or failure of product development, and is the key to the rise of enterprise value chain." Liu Ning, President of China Industrial Design Association, said.

     Xu Kemin, chief economist of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that industrial design is an important means to promote the transformation from factor driven to innovation driven, which is of great significance to promoting the structural reform of the supply side, cultivating new driving forces for economic development, and realizing the industry moving towards the middle and high end. We should continue to deepen international cooperation, build an international exchange and cooperation platform for industrial design, grasp the development opportunities brought by the new generation of information technology, promote the combination of design and science and technology, strengthen the leading role of design on the industrial chain, and promote the level of industrial chain through design innovation.


      Industrial design is becoming a brand new city card of Yantai

      Yantai is a coastal city strengthened by industry and one of the birthplaces of modern Chinese national industry. The history of industrial wine brewing started here, which gave birth to a group of national industrial brands with a history of 100 years, such as Changyu, Sanhuan and Beijixing, cultivated a number of 100 billion level industrial clusters such as equipment manufacturing, electronic information, high-end chemical industry, gold, etc., and established an industrial system with complete categories, complete supporting facilities and outstanding advantages.

     Yantai attaches great importance to the development of industrial design and takes it as a breakthrough tool to enhance the industrial level, enhance the industrial competitiveness and increase the effective supply. Since 2018, Yantai has built a number of key projects, such as Sino German industrial design center, Shandong Industrial Design Research Institute, Yantai International Design Town, etc., and successfully held the 2019 world industrial design The conference and international design industry expo, the mayor's Cup industrial design competition and other major activities have initiated the establishment of Yantai design industry alliance, industrial design joint innovation university, world design industry organization and other important institutions, and formulated a number of supporting policies such as "opinions on accelerating the development of industrial design".

       Facing the future, Yantai has established the goal of creating an international industrial design city, vigorously implemented ten major projects of industrial design industry development, including the establishment of the National Industrial Design Institute and the continuous holding of the world industrial design conference. Industrial design is becoming a brand-new city card of Yantai.

      According to the introduction, the world industrial design conference has been successfully held for four times, becoming the hub platform of global design innovation and the construction platform of design innovation industry chain. 

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