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Chip power inductor properties

View: 54401/13/2021  

Advantages of SMD power inductor:

(1) Surface mount high power inductor

(2) It has the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance

(3) Mainly used in computer display board, notebook computer, pulse memory programming, and DC-DC converter

(4) Reel package is available for automatic surface mounting

Features of SMD power inductors:

(1) Due to its unique structure and coil technology, low DC impedance and high allowable current are realized

(2) Application of automatic surface loading

(3) Excellent weldability and environmental resistance

(4) Suitable for reflow soldering

(5) European ROHS counterpart

(6) Including lead-free terminals

The main parameters of chip power inductor are as follows

(1) Error / accuracy

(2) Inductance value: refers to the value of the power inductor tested at the frequency of 100kHz. Therefore, different brands have different perception values

(3) Self harmonic frequency: the frequency point where inductance and rich inductance form resonance. So in use, do not exceed the self resonant frequency to use

(4) DC inductance: larger DCR value of winding inductance will lead to heating

(5) Saturation current: the current value when the inductance value decreases by 30%

Chip power inductance properties:

     Chip inductor is an attribute of closed loop. When the coil of the chip inductor passes through the current, the chip inductor forms the magnetic field induction in the coil, and the induced magnetic field will generate the induced current to resist the current passing through the coil. The function of the chip inductor in the circuit is to produce the change of the magnetic field through the unsteady current, which affects the current in turn. In the power supply circuit, such as inductor, inductor directly to the DC, high frequency pulse is high resistance, so it plays the role of DC resistance and AC pulse.

    The resistance is used to control the current in the circuit, the capacitor is used to block the direct flow of AC, and the inductor is used to block the high frequency and low frequency. On the other hand, the capacitor and inductor are energy storage elements, so they also have the function of filtering in the circuit. Chip inductor has the characteristics of blocking AC current and making DC power supply successful in power supply circuit. The characteristic of inductor is that it is connected with direct current and resistance. The higher the frequency is, the greater the characteristic impedance of electromagnetic coil is. Inductors often work with capacitors in power supply circuits.

    Inductance coil has the characteristic of preventing current change in AC circuit. Inductor coil has similar characteristics to inertia in mechanics, which is called "self induction" in electricity. When the chip inductor is in low frequency, the inductor generally presents the characteristics of inductance, that is, it only has the characteristics of energy storage and high frequency filtering, but at high frequency, its impedance performance is very obvious. There are some phenomena such as energy consumption, heating and reduction of inductive effect. Different inductors have different high frequency characteristics.

Chip power inductance function:

    Chip inductor is an electromagnetic induction component made of insulated wire. It is a common inductive element. The function of chip inductor: connect DC resistance to ac. this is a simple statement. It can isolate AC signal, filter or form resonance circuit with capacitor and resistor. The function of tuning and frequency selecting inductor: LC tuning circuit can be formed by inductor coil and capacitor in parallel. Any current of the chip inductor in the circuit will produce a magnetic field, and the magnetic flux of the magnetic field acts on the circuit.

    When the current through the chip inductor changes, the DC voltage generated in the chip inductor will prevent the current from changing. When the current through the inductance coil increases, the self induced electromotive force generated by the inductance coil is the same as the current. When the current through the inductance coil decreases, the self induced electromotive force has the same direction as the current, which prevents the current from decreasing and releases the stored energy to compensate for the current decrease. The current direction is opposite, which prevents the current from increasing, and at the same time converts part of the electric energy into magnetic energy to store in the inductor; therefore, after filtering by the inductor, not only the pulsation of load current and voltage decreases, the waveform becomes smooth, but also the conduction angle of the rectifier diode increases.

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