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Pay attention to safety education and emergency drill

View: 35706/23/2021  

    In order to enhance the enterprise's emergency rescue ability and improve the knowledge and skills of self-care and self-help, Wuxing Street and the fire rescue brigade of Bell Tower District organized an emergency rescue evacuation exercise in Nanfang electrical components factory Co., Ltd. on the afternoon of June 18.

   At two o'clock in the afternoon, with the loud cry of the security personnel in the building and the sound of the emergency fire alarm, the drill personnel in Nanfang electric appliance building began to evacuate. With the reminder and help of the firefighters, the drill personnel evacuated orderly and quickly, and gathered in the square according to their functions for the next course.

  In the square of the park, the lecturers of the fire rescue brigade of the Bell Tower District conducted fire knowledge training for the participants, and distributed brochures to ring the ideological alarm for everyone.



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