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Difference between shielded inductor and integrated inductor

View: 74309/10/2021  

   With the rapid development of science and technology, the volume of electronic products becomes smaller and smaller, and the power becomes larger and larger. Correspondingly, the inductors used in electronic products are gradually developing towards small volume and high power. In this regard, chip inductors have unique advantages. Today we want to introduce the shielded inductors and integrated inductors in chip inductors.

   The biggest difference between the SMD shielding inductor and the ordinary SMD inductor is that the conventional SMD inductor will not play the role of shielding in the circuit. In some cases, it can not achieve the expected effect. However, there is a magnetic shielding cover outside the shielded SMD inductor, which can shield the unstable current in the circuit and play a good barrier role; It can play a good role in anti EMI, reduce the interference of the magnetic field generated by the circuit to other components, and weaken the electromagnetic interference to the outside world.

   In short, the shielding cover of shielding inductance can surround the positive conductor, so that the negative charge equal to the point conductor will be induced on the inner side of the shielding cover, and the positive charge equal to the charged conductor will appear on the outer side. If the shielded inductor is grounded at this time, the positive charge on the outside will flow into the earth, and there is no electric field, while the electric field of the punctual conductor is shielded inside the inductor.

   The integrated inductor includes a base body and a winding body. The base system is formed by embedding the winding body into the metal magnetic powder and die casting. The SMD pin is the lead out pin of the winding body and is directly formed on the surface of the base body. It has higher inductance and smaller leakage inductance than the traditional inductor; The inductor is designed with SMD structure, which will not damage the inductor and improve the production efficiency. It is usually suitable for the application of DC to DC rectification on the power line in power supply, personal computers and other handheld electronic devices.

   After comparison, we will find that the shielded inductor often acts as a protector in applications, just like the shield in spear and shield. The integrated inductor is more like an "all-round soldier", playing a role in different electronic devices.

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