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Loss of ferrite core

View: 69506/01/2021  

Magnetic core is a kind of sintered magnetic metal oxide composed of various iron oxide mixtures. Ferrite core is made of dense and homogeneous ceramic structure non-metallic magnetic materials with low coercivity, also known as soft ferrite. Ferrite core is mainly composed of iron (FE), manganese (MN), and zinc (Zn), commonly known as manganese zinc ferrite. Ferrite core is a common anti-interference component in electronic circuits, which has a good suppression effect on high frequency noise


Characteristics of T-type magnetic core: high output current, low loss, voltage resistance, high inductance and low price. But the winding cost is high, it is difficult to mass produce.


Application of T-type magnetic core: choke coil, EMI / RFI filter, audio transformer, widely used in all kinds of energy-saving lamps, audio, control circuits and other electronic equipment.


Let's have a brief understanding of the core loss


The core loss is caused by the alternating magnetic field in the core material. The loss caused by a certain material is the operating frequency and total flux swing Δ B) Function of. Core loss is caused by hysteresis, eddy current and residual loss of core material.


Each material page displays the core loss curve of each material and the formula matching with the curve. When the core loss of various frequencies is a function of AC flux density peak, it is shown in MW / cm3


For inductor applications where the total loss is mainly caused by core loss rather than copper loss, the overall performance can be improved by core materials with lower permeability.


Ferrite has the advantages of high permeability, good temperature characteristics and low decay rate

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