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The magnetic cores with different shapes have their own characteristics

View: 74406/01/2021  

Ferrite cores have many different shapes, and these cores have their own characteristics, which are suitable for making various magnetic elements.


1. Magnetic ring core. The magnetic circuit of the magnetic ring is a closed shape, so the performance of ferrite can be fully developed. Especially for ferrite materials with high permeability, even a little air gap will make the permeability decrease significantly. Magnetic ring is mainly used in pulse transformer, magnetic amplifier, interference suppression coil (common mode inductance) and other occasions.


2. E-core. E-type core is easy to coil and easy to install. The framework of e-type magnetic core is vertical and horizontal, and the vertical skeleton occupies a small area of PCB board but is very high, and the horizontal skeleton is the opposite. E-type is a common core shape. It can be said that EE core and EI core have the same shape, same size and same skeleton, only there are differences in the distribution of leakage field, which is suitable for making switch power transformer.


3. EC type core. EC core window area is larger (compared with tank type core), and has air duct, which is conducive to heat dissipation. The circumference of the circular central column in the same area is 11% less than that of the square central column, which reduces copper loss, and the circle is more convenient than the square when it is wound.


4. PQ type core. PQ core is mainly designed for switching power supply, which can obtain large inductance and wire envelope area under a small core size. Therefore, the core can output large power at a very small height and volume. PQ core design optimizes the ratio between the core volume, surface area and winding winding area. This effective design also makes the magnetic circuit cross-section area of the core more unified, so the core structure also makes the design of magnetic core have less hot spots than other core structure design.


5. EP type core. The circular central column stereoscopic structure of EP core completely wraps the winding except the end contacting PCB board, and the shielding is very good; This unique shape Zui reduces the effect of air gap formed by the contact surface when two cores are assembled, and provides a larger volume and a larger proportion of total space utilization.

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