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Word-shaped inductor pin blackening problem and solution

View: 90609/23/2019  

After the soldering of the I-shaped inductor, it will inevitably encounter problems. The blackening of the pins is the most common problem.

For this problem, Gu Jing Electronics summed up the reasons that may cause the problem:

1. The working word inductance pin itself is stored for too long, resulting in air reaction, surface oxidation, and it is not easy to apply tin after soldering.

2. There is a problem in the soldering environment. There is oxide on the surface of the soldering furnace, and it is attached to the pin of the I-shaped inductor during soldering.

3. Excessive use of flux, too much flux used in soldering, resulting in no volatilization at the lead of the word inductor.

4. There is a problem with the quality of the flux.

Relative to the solution:

1. When soldering, pay attention to whether the surface of the word inductor is oxidized, and optimize the storage environment of the word inductor.

2. Regularly clean the soldering furnace.

3. Flux is used in an appropriate amount.

4. Choose a better quality flux.


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