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The role of the common mode inductor intermediate diaphragm

View: 76209/23/2019  

In practical applications, the inductance of two or more windings is separated by a spacer between the windings. The most basic common mode inductor has two windings and three or four windings of inductance. The separator of the inductor plays the following roles.



Ensure a safe distance between the windings. When designing the common mode inductor, in order to consider the safety requirements, the safety distance between the inductor windings will be set according to the actual situation. In order to ensure the actual distance between the windings, a spacer of corresponding thickness can be added to meet the requirements.


Ensure the safe use of common mode inductors. The common mode inductor has divided input high voltage AC common mode and output DC common mode. If the voltage between the line groups is too high, it is necessary to use a spacer to isolate each winding to prevent short circuit caused by broken wires between the windings and burn the original parts. .

In the case of mass production, in order to ensure consistency, the separator is more suitable, and for products with higher requirements, the customer will also require a consistent appearance of the product.

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