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What is the impact of the wire diameter of the inductor on the product?

View: 54309/23/2019  

The inductor is generally composed of a skeleton, a winding, a shield, a packaging material, a core or a core. The material of the inductor is particularly important. Today, the most important material in the inductor - the enameled wire, the thickness of the enamelled wire diameter, affects the inductance. is very important.

Dry goods: How does the thickness of the inductor coil affect the product?


1. Inductor coil material: The quality of the enameled wire material directly affects the performance of the produced inductor. Today's quality is better than that of foreign manufacturers. The quality of the enameled wire products made by domestic manufacturers is still insufficient.

2. The thickness of the inductor coil: the diameter of the coil using the enameled wire is different, which will also affect the quality of the inductor. For example, the inductance of the 0.25mm wire enameled wire is compared with the inductance of the 0.3mm enameled wire, and the inductance is determined. When the number of coil turns remains unchanged, the DC resistance will increase, the temperature rise current will become smaller, and the inductance will be hot during use, which will affect the service life of the inductor.

3. Inductor coil quality and price: The choice of domestic enameled wire manufacturers can save a lot of costs and thus obtain more profits. The thicker the coil, the larger the current that can be passed, and the stronger the generated magnetic field. Compared with coils with smaller wire diameters, the magnetic field becomes weaker and the DC resistance becomes weaker. Large, less material can save costs.

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